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Factory built in 1955
closed 1984
TRW Steering Systems
"formerly George Kent's "
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Photos of a derelict Cam Gears circa 1984
Looking towards Loading Dock   looking East far corner   Canteen through that door.   Des Galley area
Loading Dock
Rocker Line
Laboratory Area
Tool Room Area
Looking West   Rocker Line looking North   North View   South West View
Furnaces and Boiler Area
Diagonal North West View
Straight North view
Diagonal South West View

Left to Right Tony Venn, Unknown, Mike Abbott, Fred Coombs, Steve Cuff, Miss Impy, Mike Reader, Unknown Setter.


Left to Right, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Ron Evans, Unknown, Jock Watson, Richie Parker, Unknown, Len Pratt, Bert Dove, Bert Dinsey.

TRW Cam Gears Resolven 2012 Click on Icon to View PDF Image



I hope these photos bring back some happy memories to anyone who chances upon them.

When I started my apprentiship in 1968, there were three other manufacturing facilities in the UK, these were in Luton, Clevedon and Resolven.

Cam Gears Head Office was based at 45 Wilbury Way, Hitchin, there was a Design and development facility at 35 Wilbury Way.

I believe that this factory was meant to be four times this big, as George Kent's bought a great swath of land in 1954, before the factory was built, I think this was one of the main reasons why it was shutdown, as the land was freehold with planning permission to build commercial units to the north end of Wilbury Way, and was sold for several million pounds, I bet that looked good on the TRW balance sheets.

The manufacturing facility was mostly transferred to Pamplona in the North West of Spain, also known as the Basque region (Navarra).

Names of people worked there, are as follows, in no preference or particular chronological order, but just as I remembered them. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes or I haven't included you, its was nearly forty seven years ago, and quite a lot of people left, or were re-trenched, I just may not have remembered your name, for that I apologize, and hope no offence is taken.

I welcome any additions, info, photos or corrections you can offer.

Names in RED indicate deceased people.

Cam Gears Ltd, Hitchin 1968-82.

Bert Dinsey, Frank Radics, Len Pratt, Valerie ?, Margaret ? (Purchasing), Frederick John Adams, George Stafford, Ernie Buckingham, Ken Bradshaw, Ron Goldsmith, Jane Clarke, Rosemary Bartlett, Henry Snaith, Pauline Punter, Jack Muncey, Bert Dove, Frank Bird, Ron Scouse, Ron Wilson, John (Curly) Irwin, Jack Leather, Gordon Leather, Rollin Walker, Stephen Welling, David (Sugar) Spicer, David (Willy) Izzard, Jim Shotton, Vernon Rolands, Fred Chatterley, Alf Mitchell,David Broom, Alan Sizer, Des Galley, Hazel Galley, Rita ?, Jimmy Jones, Ray Harrison, Ernie Ward. Richard Long, Burnie Butt, John and Linda Lavery, Ken Harris, Doug Wilkinson, Peter Taplin, Eric Fyson, Derek Waywell, Vic Walker, Roger Pinnington, Douglas Leese, Norman Lasham, Pauline Collins, Gary Lasham, Maurice Honey, Roy King, Mary Kingham, Jim Locke, Dave Marsden, Mary Murphy, Derek Nicholas, Audrey Phillips, Christine Rogers, Mike Verdon, Jock Watson, Ernie Woods, Will Moore, Ginger Taylor, Pat Clifford, Michael Quinlan, Patrick Reynolds, Dave (Barney) Knott, Gary Saunders, Bill (Ludo) Lewis, Brian Fairey, Stephen Bird, Barbara Bird, Len Lusted, Joe Griffiths, Jim Locke, Keith Phillips, Michael Reader, John Foster, Hazel O'Hanlon, Melvyn Wilkie, Roger Green, Ted Aldridge, Peter Looney, Fred Coombs, Sandra (wages clerk)?, Gordon Mabert, Alan Tyson (CPO), Peter Redford, Bernard Horton CFO,David Nash, John Newman, Joan Routledge, Pat Campbell, Ted Cross, Frank Timoney, Frank Draper, Albert Foster, Terry Torrey, Wally Mansell, Gary Tapp, Ernie Shaw, Colin Bumphrey, Harry Prince, Kabeer (Electrician), Winifred Turner, Fred the Labourer, Dick Kilby, Arthur Woodhead, Audrey Phillips, John Morris, Alec Turner, Ruth Hayman, Stephanie ????? (Switchboard), Angela, Sue P?, John Pinder, Wyndham Lewis, Jack (oiler) and Jill (assembly)? Tony Santos, Dave Garley, Ron Garley, Tom Spicer, Peter Jones (Toolroom), Stan Mansell, John Mansell, Doris (Director's canteen), Mrs Mack, Basil (Brush) Chauffeur, Christine and Harry Cowley, Rex Sharp, Brian Rex, Larry Crocker, Miriam Angel, Angus, Jim Procter, Mike Abbott, Dave Knight, Dave Cousins, Jeff Kiddle, Alan Tunbridge, John Miles, Bill Worboys, John Nicholls Julie Harvey, Eddie Hughes, Roy Cravat, Ron Ashby, Paul Bexfield, Kiran Haswar, Steve Cuff, John Lawman, Tony Bond, Dick Wright, Bill Houchin, Owen McFarlane, David Harrowell, Viv Parry, Keith Simmons, Sergeant Torrey, John Whitelock, Frank Bryder, Robin Powell, Peter Albone, Nana, Beth Rex, Peter Freeman,Terry Brooker, Colin Wright, Bill Corless, George Slater, John Randall, Gerry Wright, Stevie Summers, Len Barker, Mr Broom (canteen David Broom's Dad), Les Marsh, Steve Allen, George Munns, Jim Ingram, Sid Phillips, Dave Jenkins, Bill Feasey, Barry Dukes, Fred Adams, Bill Payne, Fred Pearson, Steve O'dell, Barry Newbury, Horace Smith, Dick Slow, Tony Bradley, Malcolm and Geoff Slingsby, Jim Scott (aka Scotty), Trevor Smith, Dave Butcher, Dave Hallsworth, Robert Lang, Tony Venn, Tom McDonald, Joe Clark, Arthur Rutland, Chris Robinson, David Jenkins, Jinx Jenkins, Roy (Test Rigs), Dave Collins, Pete Skipper, Roger Waistell (Sales), Mark Payne, Paul Egglington, Dumps Dumpleton, Ruth Hayman, Steve Pettit, Peter Clarke, Tony Bird, Fred Humphrey (IT), Joe (Goods Inwards) Paul (IT Aussie), Mike Bidgood, Pat Marsh, Malcolm Davies, Bill West, Kuldip Sharma, Celia Impey, Tony Yapp, Andrew Parry, Bill Payne, Richie Parker, Martin Devine, Steve Barker, Bill Bailey.

I've also added other names associated with Cam Gears, some from Cam Gears, Selbourne Rd Luton, TRW Dunstable, TRW Hydrosteer, TRW Clevedon, and TRW Resolven, and have started a new lists for all the other Cam Gears locations in the UK.

Cam Gears Ltd, Luton 1970-80.

Roly Warr, Janet Schrader, Peggy Tilley, Gary Lasham, Denise Dunville, Peter Redford, Barbera Carmen, Pat Dent, Eilish ?, Sue ?, Yvonne Ramsey, Jim Proctor, Pat Soderberg, David Nash, Stan ? (Dispatch), Fred ? (Dispatch), Sandra ? (Purchasing), Margaret ? (Sec. to John Duff), John Duff, Daphne ? (Switchboard), Eric Alderton, Mick Ashby, Rene Ashby, Peter Broomfield, Bruce Burgoyne, Bernard Butt, Ali Chapman, Bob Chapman, Colin Cramp, John Davies, ? Duffield-Johnson, George Field, David Foulds, Eric Harvey, Don Hollingsworth, Sonia James, Lionel Jefferies, Ken Kirby, Bill Maynard, Bernard McEwan, Roy Morgan, Mick Powell, Vic Ruffett, Stan Walters, Don Webb, Carol Hebden, Norman Lasham, Mick Bryant, Gynn Jones, Paulette Morris, Jean Rhodes, Rene Ashby, Vince Milnthorpe, Paul Mason, Graham Starling, Jayne Lawson, Pat French, Janet Nott, Paul Roblett, Les Robinson, Frank Bryder, Dick Hasley, Mick Quinlan, Gary Tapp, Colin Bumfrey, Graham Walker, Glenice Phillips, George Robson, Stan Walters,June King, Bob Lang, Tony White, John Randall, Mick Ashby, Brenda Perryman (a big thanks for her comprehesive list), Terry Brady, Mick Cooper, Len Seager, Chris Cowley, Anne McMellon, Pat Hallett, Gloria Mahoney, Dave Jones, Wally Hooker, Jim Doward, Lyn Doward, George Field, Alan Tyson, Jimmy Fielding, Roy Atterbury, Ken Field, Les Hussey, Spud Murphy, Lionel Jenkins, Sandra ?, Bill Maynard, Les Marsh, Bob Faulkner, Ernie Shaw, Cliff Weston, Dave Ashton, Malcolm Harris, Peter Oliver, Dave Butcher, Glen Last, Dave Harrison, Trevor Thompson, Derek Skinner, Derek Foulds, Simon Berry, Mick Hathway, Paul Bradley.

Cam Gears Hydrosteer, Luton. 1970-80.

Don Hollingsworth, Bruce Burgoyne, Bill Reynolds, John Halls, Dave Harrison, David Harrowell.

TRW SSL Dunstable, 1984-1988.

Roly Warr, Malcolm Harris, Cliff Weston, Dave Ashton, Graham Walker, Peter Oliver, Les Robinson, Glyn Jones, Mick Bryant,, Dave Harrison, Trevor Thompson, Derek Skinner, Derek Foulds, Steve Rouse, Les Hussey, Glen Last, Les Marsh, Paul Roblett, Glenice Phillips, David Harrison, John Edge, Howard Raistrick, Simon Berry, Mick Hathway, Dick Halsey, Lyne & Jan Doward, Paul Bradley, Andy Webber, George Robson, Jim Ingram, Tony Venn, David Jones (Gen. Man), David Jones (Time study).

TRW SSL, Resolven, 1990-2010.

Bob Morgan (Man.Dir.), Bob Morgan (Fin. Dir.)Mark James, Andrew Chesterfield, Andy Morrish, Kevan Jones, Carl Jones, Stuart Hopkins, Tarzan, John Chandler, Mike Thomas, David Jones, Robert Cooper, Duke Okes (Consultant 1989-90), etc.

TRW Clevedon, Dave Ryall, Dave Hardy, Andy Shelton, Bob Bull, Chris McLean, Tony Bond, , Brian Quintrill, Fred Adams

Do you have any photos of the people or events, if so, you know who to contact.

Please help complete the list, email me derekrevell@aol.com

Many thanks to the following people

Fred Coombs for sending a B/W newspaper scan. (1st Picture from Left)

Mike Abbott for the B&W photo. (2nd Picture from the Left) the picture shows from the left, Steve Odell, Jim Shotton, Mike Abbott and Barry Newbury.

Gary Lasham for sending me photos of the In House magazine "Top Gear" issue 5 from April 1979.

Brenda Perryman for her very comprehensive list of Luton colleages and others

Hazel O'Hanlon for adding a few more names to the list.

Bob Punter - Husband of Pauline (nee Pratt) also supplied a photo of Len Pratt's retirement party, I managed to put a few names to the people in the pictures he sent me.

Duke Okes - for adding a few more names of colleagues at Resolven and Clevedon.

Dave Ryall - Ex Cam Gears apprentice who kindly remebered a few more names.